Milestone Physical Therapy is the only provider of early intervention services based within Bedford County. We specialize in providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy to children and families within their natural environment. Our goal is to empower families and caregivers to help children realize their full potential. Our services are free to all children who qualify, regardless of income or insurance.

What is Early Intervention?

Pennsylvania’s early intervention program provides supports and services to families with children from birth to 3 with developmental delays and disabilities. We focus on enhancing a family’s strengths to meet the developmental needs of the child in the child’s natural environment. Natural environments for infants and toddlers may include home, daycare or an extended family member’s home. This may also include a local playground or the grocery store. Services are embedded in the child’s typical routines and activities and are provided at no cost to families.

Who is Eligible? 

Infants, toddlers, and preschool children who have special needs due to a developmental delay or disability are eligible to receive early intervention services.

Early Intervention Referrals should be made through the county offices:
Bedford: (814)623-5166
Somerset: (814)443-4891
Blair: (814)949-7230

~ The above information is from the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning

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